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terms and conditions

• Jamal Online website and application is committed to quality assurance and your satisfaction with every request of its customers.
• The customer / process is compensated for the product that "does not" meet the quality conditions with a balance of the value (the damaged products) in his portfolio that he can use for other purchases.
Compensation policy:
The measure of the quality defect of the product and service for the customer and the entitlement to compensation when submitting the compensation application within a period of 24 hours from the time of its receipt:
• The external appearance of the product: That its shape be uncommon or show signs of rottenness, such as an external sap, an abnormal color change, or an unpleasant odor from it.
• The degree of ripeness: To be at the highest level of ripeness that makes it inedible 24 hours after receiving it
• The internal content of the product: That there be signs of internal rot, such as discoloration, internal smell, visible bacteria, or bad taste that indicates mold and improper use of it.
• The product should be different from what is mentioned in the order invoice
• The value of the item is added as a credit to the customer. If one of the items mentioned in the order invoice was not placed in the request box and the customer was not notified of it.
• The compensation does not include gifts and free samples.
Note: the taste of the product in terms of bitterness or the degree of ornaments and acidity does not enter the quality measurement, but is subject to the issue of different tastes.